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Actor and Voice Over Artist

Convention Roundup

Rhode Island
Comic con

November 2021


The Master of Licorice Rope Strikes 

...and Again

A for effort Shonori!

Sleepy Sensei Makes An Appearance

Crow actually lay there for 30 minutes waiting for Chris to come to his table.

Chris Receives The Kampire Flag

Lynn & Dawn made a fabulous Kampire flag which was signed by attendees of the community.

Lynn & Dawn Give Chris Gifts

Lynn and Dawn gave Chris a pin and a Stain Figpin & Mochibi!

"Having the chance to meet Chris, to talk to him, to see how happy it made him to see the little gifts I made for him and the Kampire pins... it was amazing. He definitely had the warm, 'dad' feeling. He gives the best hugs too.
And I lied, I do have a funny story... when going for the photo op, the volunteer that was calling for each guest took one look at Chris' name and was convinced he was gonna butcher it. After breaking it down with him, which was hilarious, when he called it he got it right, no butchering. "It's said like way, W-A-Y, and camp as in camping." He says it that way and boom, perfect. Proud Kampire Citizen moment."

~Dusty Qrow

"Chris was wonderful. I've never had a better safe in life! My items were totally safe and did not need a combination!" But seriously, 2nd time meeting Chris and some of the Kampire and then more Kampire and I really believe overall Chris and his people can bring out the best and beautiful out of others and each other. I tried cosplaying for the first time with my kid with supportive friends and Chris complimented our efforts. Most importantly for me, my kid Alex got to experience what a good community is, how people should be to one another, and met and hugged her sensei. Who is the sweetest man ever (I can say that now cause I guess my spouse is now my wife). If possible kid Alex would like to say as future Kampire person "Thanks for being my friends and hanging out with me. I want to go to all the cons!"


"It was great seeing Chris again. He’s always so warm and welcoming. And patient. With our chaos and with my various Kampire deliveries. I appreciate his participation and I hope he had as much fun as we did. 

Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable convention!"


"Meeting Chris was way more fun and amazing than I expected, can’t wait to run into him at another con again. And I promise no licorice next time"

~Master Of Licorice Ropes .. Aka Shonori

"Chris is literally the nicest guy! between Lynn and myself, we were so nervous meeting him in person for the first time.. He is so easy to talk to, the nerves melted away in a heartbeat! great experience meeting him and others from the Kampire!"

~iraasnwad & Lynnifer

“Meeting Chris is like meeting an old friend. Welcoming and always amazingly fun, and he definitely gives the best hugs.”

~SIR Oakley


Thank You Everyone

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